This homeowner was looking for additional living space for their family and their basement was unfinished. They were also concerned about the possibility of water leaching into the basement, which was a common issue in their area.

Once we agreed upon a design, we took care of permit applications. In order to address the water and humidity issues, we first recommended the homeowner get a back up sump pump.  We added a basement zone to the existing HVAC which reduced moisture and made the basement more comfortable. We then framed out the basement with commercial grade metal studs which wouldn’t be damaged in case of water. We installed a tile finished shower and half bath, created closet and storage space and hid all water and air duct and pipe work.  Finishing off with wall to wall carpet, recessed lighting and custom painting, we added over 2000 square feet of living space to the home.
Quote the homeowner,” the workmen were respectful and cleaned up after themselves. There was minimal disruption during construction and they took care of everything”.